The wireless experience in Human-Machine interaction

Enabling the best interaction with PLC's or manufacturing plants from mobile devices.

Flowtrol Technology

Our communication library is what provides an efficient and fast connection to the PLC. It is the foundation for our products to excel in the mobile experience we've come to expect.

Total Mobility

Make your processes and machine control to be at the reach of your pocket. Live camera video stream included.


As a supplier of complete automation solutions, we help organisations to keep their machines and equipment at the cutting edge. Mobile automation solutions is therefore only a further logical step.


Flowtrol Scope

With Flowtrol Scope it is finally possible to easily debug PLC signal logic. As if it wasn't enough, it is also possible to save, export and share the collected data with colleagues for remote maintenance or auditing.

Flowtrol HMI

A device with such a flexible application, that adapts itself to your machine? That was our vision. The result is called Flowtrol HMI - see for yourself.


Our Customers

As an innovative and complete automation solutions provider, we help organisations to provide efficient, integrated solutions.

Who we are

We are situated at the heart of the world’s automation industry in Germany and in line with today’s technology revolution.