flowtrol Scope

PLC Diagnostics - Revolutionised!

The idea.

A modern and simple tool for graphical representation of PLC signal sequences. A tool for recording data to understand processes, to analyze signal sequences and document it. Flowtrol Scope fills the gap between the requirements of each PLC technician and industrial controllers (PLC / PLC)

With flowtrol Scope we have realized our dream and developed a modern tool for experts - For all those of you who are involved with bits and bytes of the PLC control - for example, commissioning engineers, service technicians, maintenance engineers, programmers, etc.

The scope of services.

Flowtrol Scope ...
  1. ... allows recording and analysis of signals and values ​​of the PLC over time.
  2. … allows sharing recorded control data with others, for example with colleagues for further evaluation.
  3. ... is always there, where you are - a reach to the pocket is enough
  4. ... avoids complicated structure and complex test environment and is based on the principles of flowtrol-engine - the SPS, a wireless router and your mobile device.

The principle.

Flowtrol Scope reaches the values ​​and signal range of the control using the flowtrol engine . Therefore no additional implementation in the PLC is necessary - IP address, rack and slot ID are sufficient.

For recording, the relevant signals are explicitly entered using "absolute addressing.". With the start of the recording, the data polling process runs.

The data recording takes place according to the fastest possible sampling rate , which depends on the signal quality and available bandwidth. The recording time and the sampling rate (pooling-rate) can be changed and adjusted individually in the app.

The features.

  • Flowtrol Scope scans your network for available PLCs and offers them as a potential link partner.

  • Representation of real time signal sequences in graphical or textual form.

  • Signal sequences can be displayed as plot and recorded.

  • Signals are displayed in tabular form with each other, thus allowing excellent opportunities for comparison and analysis.

  • Millisecond-accurate analysis of signals in the usual smartphone handling.

  • Control recording via freely-configurable trigger event.

  • Storing records and signal sequences with individual file names.

  • Save and reload stored records.

  • Export options of recorded data:
    (1) PDF - for direct visualization or for documenting and archiving
    (2) CSV - for further processing,
    (3) SCOPE - flowtrol import in Scope.
    (4) Video - time-synchronous recording of the built-in camera


Why flowtrol Scope?

  • Because increasingly complex systems require simple tools.

  • Because not every fault needs a service technician or justifies a service call.

  • In the same way that a Swiss pocket knife is good because it fits in pocket and thus remains available everywhere - so is flowtrol scope

  • and - because it is possible !