PLC Variable Editor

Paste variable data copied from Simatic Manager table to the text field below (clipboard):

Use as label:

Modify / Export variable table

  • Color Name Address Type

What's this?

This is an auxiliary tool for the Flowtrol Scope app. Using this tool it is possible to more rapidly / comfortably create the PLC variables to be recorded.

With the Import tab, it is possible to paste data from the clipboard, which was copied directly from the Siemens Simatic Manager Software Variable Table.

Send the generated .scope file per e-mail to load them in the Scope App.

Variables from Simatic Manager are mapped as following in Scope:
{"BOOL" : "Bool", "BIN" : "Binary", "ZEICHEN" : "Char", "DEZ" : "Decimal", "HEX" : "Hexadecimal", "GLEITPUNKT": "Real"}